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Create Sets Dialog Box

IDs assigned to a pool can be grouped into sets. By creating a set, you ensure that when a client receives one ID in a set, the second session the client opens will use another ID from the same set.

To display the Create Sets dialog box, in the ID Management - Configure IDs pane, choose the Sets button.

Note Because IDs for directory service pools are dynamically created when requested and exist only while allocated, you cannot create ID sets for directory service pools.

Pool Name: Displays a list of available pools. Select the pool in which you want to create ID sets.

Set Name: Type a name for your new set.

Available Sets: Displays a list of previously created sets in the selected pool. Select a set in this list to view the IDs in the set.

Delete: Delete the selected set. Deleting a set does not automatically delete the IDs, but they are no longer a part of a set.

Available IDs: Displays the IDs in the pool that are not already part of an existing set.

Add: Add the ID selected under Available IDs to the IDs in the set selected under Available Sets. This also removes the ID from the list of available IDs.

Remove: Remove the ID selected under Set IDs from the IDs in the set selected under Available Sets. This adds the ID back under available IDs.

Set IDs: Displays a list of IDs in the set selected under Available Sets.

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