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Directory Services Page

Use the options in the Directory Services page to specify options for automatically generating host access IDs based on your directory service information. IDs for directory service pools exist only when allocated. They are generated on request and destroyed when released or reclaimed.

To display the Directory Services page, in the Configure IDs pane, select either All IDs or a specific pool type and click your right mouse button. From the shortcut menu displayed, choose New Pool. In the New Pool page under Pool Type, select Directory Service. Name your pool, and then choose Next.

Note These options are also displayed if you select a directory service pool in the Pool Properties dialog box and click Properties for Pool Type.

New Element:

Type: Specify the type of element to add to the ID Elements list. Values are:

Element: Type the attribute, text, or counter information that you want to add to the ID name.

Add: Add the selected element in the ID Elements list.

Limit IDs Per User To: If you select this option, also specify the maximum number of IDs to generate each user, or set of elements. You can limit ID generation only if you specify a Counter in your ID Elements list. If you select Limit IDs Per User To but do not specify a number, the number of IDs per user is unlimited.

ID Elements list: Displays a list of elements from the directory service that have been specified for generating IDs for this directory service pool. Specified elements are combined in the order listed to create ID names when IDs are generated.

Up/Down: Reorder the elements displayed in the ID Elements list.

Delete: Delete the selected element in the ID Elements list.

Example ID: Display an example of an ID generated from the specified elements.

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