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Modifying and Deleting Traces

You can change the trace style, specify custom trace options for those components (products) that provide them, or delete configured traces.

To modify or delete a trace
  1. In the MCS left pane, point to Services and then click Tracing.

    The Tracing tree appears.

  2. In the Tracing tree, click Configure Traces.

    The Configure Traces page appears in the MCS right pane. For details on any of the options on this page, click Help in the upper-right corner of the page.

  3. Select a trace from the Configured Traces list, and then:
    To do this
    Do this
    Modify the trace style Click the Style field of the trace you want to modify, and then from the Style list box, select either Component or End-to-End to modify the trace type.

    A component trace traces activities (tasks) for the selected component only, while an end-to-end trace follows activities (tasks) across successive components. For more information on trace styles, see Overview of Tracing.

    Specify custom trace options Click Custom, and then complete the resulting dialog box to further define the tasks or information to trace.
    Note The Custom button is available only for components that provide custom trace options; otherwise, the button is unavailable.

    The options that can be specified for a particular trace are defined by the corresponding component (product).

    Clear the memory buffer for the selected trace Click Clear Buffer.
    Delete a trace Click Delete.
  4. When you are finished modifying the traces, click Save to save your changes.

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