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Metering: History Page

Filter: The day(s) for which you want to display highest usage data. If you select one day, hourly data appears for that day. If you don't select a day (leave option blank), daily data appears for the last thirty days.

If you select a date, click Refresh to load the filtered data.

Note To get back to displaying the unfiltered list after choosing a date, choose the blank item at the top of the filter list, then click Refresh.

Date: Depending on your filter selection, either the hours for a specified date or the dates of the last thirty days.

Highest Usage: The maximum number of user licenses consumed concurrently on either an hourly or daily basis.

Note This list is sorted chronologically by date by default. To change the sort order or direction, click the column headings (Date, or Highest Usage). Indicator arrows appear to show how the list is being sorted.

Refresh: Display the most recent license data. (The data also refreshes if you leave this page and then return to it.)

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