Synapta Services Builder Introduction
Requirements and Installation
Designing Tasks
    Creating a New Project
    Restoring an Earlier Version of Your Project
    Connecting to a Host
    Creating Tasks
       Differences when Creating VT Tasks
       Recording Screens
       Copying Tasks
       Adding User Fields
       Automatically Adding User Fields to VT Screens
       Defining Task Inputs and Outputs
       Working With Tables
    Branching and Combining Tasks
    Handling Special Case Screens
    Modifying Screen Recognition Rules
    Testing Tasks
    Removing Unused Screens
    Creating Task Interface Objects
    Publishing Tasks
    Getting Published NavMaps
    Advanced Navigation
    Importing and Exporting Tasks
Using Tasks in Your Applications
Setting Up Centralized Management
Configuring Your Run-time Environment
Managing MCS Servers and Clusters
Monitoring Applications and Sessions
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