Overview: Synapta Services Builder

Synapta Services Builder make legacy data and logic available as task interface objects in the form of XML data, Java beans, and .NET remotable objects, for integration with custom applications. This process allows data trapped in proprietary host data formats to be accessible in user-friendly, Web-based applications. These applications can combine disparate data sources and incorporate new business logic, all without having to reprogram your original host applications. Task interface objects can be used to host-enable applications that you create in your own IDE or with Presentation Builder.

The Synapta Services Builder for Screens family includes the following three Services Builder products, which access host applications by accessing the terminal screens that comprise the applications. Services Builder products run on a multitude of platforms and environments, including the OS/390 host itself. Licenses are available for a variety of uses including providing host data on the Web to unknown users.

In this guide, the terms Services Builder for Screens and Services Builder products refer to all of these products unless the specific host type is mentioned.

The process of providing a Synapta Services Builder for Screens solution includes two main roles, the designer role and the administrator role. These roles may or may not be fulfilled by the same person, depending on the size of your operation. To start learning about the designer role, read the Designing Tasks section. To start learning about the administrator role, read the sections about setting up centralized management and configuring the run-time environment.

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