Automatically Adding User Fields to VT Screens

By default, when you record screens from a VT host, a single host field is created in Task Builder for each screen. You can change recording options so that, during recording, additional user fields are automatically applied to each screen. These fields can be used as task or task step outputs, and to refine screen recognition rules.

To automatically create fields on a VT screen during recording
  1. With a VT connection in Task Builder, from the Options menu, click Recording.

  2. In the Recording page, select Automatically Format Screens when Recording Tasks.

    When this option is selected, each recorded screen contains one host field and any number of automatically created user fields, one for each line on the VT screen. Task Builder defines the field boundaries at the edge of the screen or whenever there is a change in character attributes, such as color or highlighting.

  3. Click OK.

    Changes you make take effect with the next task you record.

    After a screen contains automatically created fields, it retains them in all subsequent tasks where the screen is used, regardless of the option selected in the Recording dialog box.

Note To see the automatically formatted fields on the host screen, from the View menu, choose either View Host Fields or View User Fields.

When you select an automatically formatted user field on the screen, it is identified as an auto-field, for example, AutoField15. This is to differentiate it from user-defined fields that you create.

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