Extracting Data from Tables

When data is gathered from a table, the collection starts at the first record, then moves down one record at a time and gathers that data, and so on until it reaches the bottom of the table. At that point, collection begins at the top of the next column (if one exists) and so on, until the end of the table is reached.

To extract data from a table
  1. Create a user field around the first record in your table.

  2. In the Task Steps pane, select the first-level table step to view the Table Properties.

    Although you must create user fields at the detail level to extract data from detail tables, you must add them to the Requested Fields property of your first-level table, regardless of the level at which they were created.

    Note If your user field defines a record that is larger than one column or row, you'll need to adjust the corresponding Record Width or Height table property. For information on these properties, see Table Property, Constant, and Variable Descriptions.
  3. To add a user field to your table, click in the Value column next to Requested Fields. The Requested Fields dialog box is displayed.

  4. The Available user fields list contains all the user fields that have been defined within the table boundaries. Select a user field, and then choose Add.

  5. Repeat for each user field you want to add to the table, and then choose OK.

  6. To add the table data as an output to your task, select the table output field from the table step under Task Steps, and drag it to task outputs.
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