Creating Detail Tables

A detail table is made up of detail screens, which present very long records in more than one level. The host handles the communication between records and specific detail screens, but your table properties must include a list of the detail screens associated with the table to provide the path information.

To create a detail table
  1. After you drag a rectangle for your first-level table, from the Table menu, choose Stop Defining Table. The Table Detail dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select Record Table Record Detail, and choose OK.

  3. In live screen mode, navigate to the next level of detail for a record, and create another table.
    Note If you navigate to the next level of detail for a record, but do not choose Start Defining Table, the screen becomes a "Form View" in your task. In a Form View, the entire host screen becomes the detail table. As with other tables, you need to create user fields to extract data for your task.
  4. At the end of defining each detail table, you are asked if you want to create another. Repeat this procedure until you have defined all the levels of detail you need. You need only complete this process for one record in your table.

  5. Navigate back through your tables in exactly the reverse order, until you reach the first-level table. If you do not, your tables will fail.

  6. Continue recording your task.
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