Overview: Using Scripts to Replace Portions of Steps

Occasionally you will come across difficult host scenarios which seem impossible for the designer to support using a standard workflow. In order to accommodate these situations, the designer provides a script editor to aid in the writing of your own script. Using the script editor and Java, you can write, verify, and enable script for specific aspects of a task step without affecting the step's other capabilities. See Using Custom Steps for information on customizing an entire task step.

Every task contains a series of task steps, which corresponds to a single screen in a host application. Executing a task step involves different phases of execution. Each customizable portion or phase of a task step, indicated by the icon ,  will bring up the editor. They are:

Using the Script Editor

In the script editor you choose the portion of the task step that you want to bypass using your newly created script by selecting the appropriate node from the selection pane. Since the script must be written in Java, advanced Java-specific options are also available to provide full Java capability.

The Workflow

The following workflow describes the creation of an initial script for the recognition, outputs, inputs, or transition phase of a task step execution.

  1. Select the task step that requires scripting.

  2. Depending on which portion of the task step you want to customize, bring up the script editor by clicking on the scripting icon, , located either in the recognition rule or transition action property row or on the input or output tree node.

    Aternatively, open the File menu and choose Add Navigation Script. Select the appropriate scripting phase for your task step.

  3. In the editor's scripting field, type the script needed to implement the necessary logic for accurate task navigation. A scripted step is indicated by the following icon, .

  4. Verify and use your script. Before script is enabled for use in your task, the script is verified by checking the syntax for possible errors. You have to address all verification errors or disable the offending portion of the script before your script can be used.

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