Creating Step Outputs Referenced in Output Script

After you have scripted the outputs phase of your task in the script editor, you must create the step outputs that were referenced in your script to make them available as task outputs.

To create a step output referenced in your output script
After scripting the new output step and closing the script editor:
  1. From the Task Step tree, select the step that will use the scripted output.

  2. From the Step menu, choose New Step Output.

  3. In the Step Output Properties - User Defined pane, set the name of the newly created step ouput to the name used in your script.

  4. If you are using table output in your script, set the Table Data value to true and enter the column names used in your script when creating the table.

  5. Drag the step output to the output node in the Task Inputs/Outputs pane if you want the value populated in your script to be available as a task output. Verify that the name of the task output matches the name in your script.
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