Modifying Screen Recognition Rules

Although you can usually rely on the recognition rules automatically generated by Task Builder, you can vary the manner in which Task Builder creates these rules by modifying the default settings on the Options, Recording page, available from the Tools menu. These settings are saved within a project.

Two of the most common reasons for manually editing your recognition rules are:

All properties, including recognition rules, must be edited in Review Screen mode, after the recording is complete. Variables used in the expression must refer to screen data. Screen data consists of data contained in host or user fields.

To edit a screen recognition rule
  1. From the Task Steps pane, select the step you want to edit. The Step Properties pane for the selected step displays.

  2. Select the recognition rule value from the Value column. The Recognition Rule Editor displays containing the current recognition rule for the selected step. The current recognition rule contains the fields used by Task Builder to identify the host screen.

  3. Edit the current recognition rule directly in the Step Recognition Rule box.

  4. You can add additional fields to the recognition rule by selecting the field you want to add from the Fields drop down list, or by dragging the field from the host screen directly to the Step Recognition Rule box.
    Note When you use text from the host screen to build sub-rules, all null characters are automatically converted to spaces.

    When you select a field to add from the Fields drop down list, the selected field's recognition rule displays in the Sub-rule box, providing a location to modify the recognition rule before adding it to the final task step's recognition rule.

  5. A list of operators and functions are available from the Operator/Function drop down list. "Like" is the default operator used by Task Builder when it creates recognition rules.

    Select Append to add the sub-rule to the task step's recognition rule in the Step Recognition Rule box.

    Caution The Recognition Rule Editor does not validate the recognition rule, however, if there are obvious syntax problems, an error message will display. Defining Rules with Expressions for information on writing recognition rules.

  6. Click OK to save the new recognition rule and return to the properties pane. The new rule displays in the Recognition Rule Values column of the property pane.

  7. After editing your task step recognition rule, click Test to verify your task returns the appropriate outputs.

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