Publishing Tasks

When you publish tasks to Management & Control Services (MCS), they become available for deployment as Web services, J2EE session EJBs, or for use in custom applications. Since MCS acts as a central repository, your tasks are also available for use by other designers and developers.

Tasks and NavMaps are published to either the MCS server specified during setup or to another designated MCS server. You can change your default MCS settings by selecting new options in the Options, Publishing page (available from the Task Builder Tools menu), or you can specify a different server when you publish your tasks.

To publish a task
  1. From the Task Builder Guide or Tools menu, click Publish.

    The Publish dialog box displays, containing the names of the current project and NavMap, and the default MCS server settings.

  2. (Optional) To publish the NavMap to different MCS server, in the MCS server options, type the data for the MCS server to which you want to publish.

  3. Click OK.
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