Overview: Designing Tasks

Using Task Builder for Screens to access host data and other screen elements, you can create specific tasks that, once published, are used to build business applications. Task Builder accesses the host through a design-time host connection. Later, your tasks use the same connection information to access the host at runtime.

A task is a sequence of transactions that perform a particular job. A task can be a simple data transfer, such as updating a database record, or it can be more complex, such as logging onto a host application, navigating to a particular screen, and sending and retrieving data. Tasks consist of a series of task steps.

A task step contains information about the host screen and its associated inputs and outputs. These define the action to be performed at run-time at a particular point in a task. The task step includes instructions for proceeding to the next step, the step destination. Each task step includes a recognition rule, which is used to match the step with the correct location on a host screen.

Tasks are saved in projects. A project is a collection of all of the files required to create, modify, and publish a task or set of tasks, including the NavMap, task steps, and task interface objects.

A NavMap is the map of all the recorded screens, including fields and paths, and the tasks, including the task inputs/outputs and task steps contained in a project.

After starting a new project and connecting to a host, the basic steps for designing a task and making it available to use in custom applications are as follows:

  1. Record the necessary screens in the host application.

  2. Define the inputs and outputs required.

  3. Test your task to ensure that a given input results in the expected output.

  4. Generate task interface objects, which provide a way for applications to interact with your task programmatically.

  5. Publish your project to MCS to make it available for deployment and accessible to other developers.

Within a single project, you can link and branch tasks to create a more efficient and flexible application, and you can add script to customize navigation. You can also import and export tasks between projects.

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