Testing Generated Task Interface Objects

Synapta Services Builder for Screens provides simple Java Server Page (JSP) applications that you can use to test your generated task beans and task files. This is an optional feature and is not part of the standard task creation workflow. However, these generic JSP samples are a useful alternative to creating your own applications to test your interface objects.


To successfully run the JSP test samples, you must have:

How the samples work

The JSPs automatically search your Recordings directory (when Task Builder is installed), and make available the published task resources from within the JSP sample user interface. You choose the task you want to test, fill in the input values, and execute the task. The JSP will return a list of task outputs.

Accessing the samples

The test applications are available in the following directory:


To run the sample task testers, on the same machine where you have installed MCS, point your browser to the following URL: <http://localhost:8086/screenconnectors/index.htm>. You may have to change the default port number (8086) to match your installed configuration.

You can also launch the sample JSPs individually by running beantester.bat or connectortester.bat from the same directory or by pointing your browser to

<http://localhost:8086/screenconnectors/BeanTester.jsp> or <http://localhost:8086/screenconnectors/ConnectorTester.jsp>.

Alternatively, you can run these samples on any web server that meets the prerequisite requirements by copying screenconnectors.zip to a separate machine and extracting it below the Web server's webapps folder. When extracted, the JAR files necessary to run the samples are made available to the test applications. These JAR files include:

Points to remember

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