Generating Task Interface Objects

After you define your tasks, generate the task interface objects you need for use in your applications.

To generate a task interface object
  1. If it's not already, open your project in Task Builder for Screens.

  2. If you intend to generate Web services objects or service beans, specify your compilation tool locations.

  3. Specify default generation options for each type of task interface object you will be generating for your task.

    If you choose to, you can override these settings in the Generate dialog box when you generate.

  4. From the Task Builder Guide or Tools menu, choose Generate.

    The Generate: current project name dialog box appears, with the default task interface object types selected.

    Note To generate only a task file, make no selections in this dialog box; just choose Generate.
  5. Click the Generate button.

    All generated files are copied to install directory\Attachmate\EAI\recordings\current project name.

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