Specifying Generation Options

Before you generate, you need to specify generation options for each type of task interface object you will be generating for your tasks. Although options you select in the Options, Generating page are global, options you select in the interface object properties dialog boxes are not. They are saved separately for each project. This means that you can specify different options for each project.

The options you select provide default values for the Generate dialog box. You can override these selections when you generate.

To specify generation options
  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

  2. In the Options dialog box, choose the Generating tab.

  3. On the Generating page, select the task interface objects you want to be able to generate, and then choose Properties for each one to set additional options.
    Note A task file is generated regardless of your selections in the Generating page. Task files can be used directly in an application and are also used by the Runtime Service when you run applications that use other types of task interface objects.
    Do this
    You want to generate beans for the ITask interface Provide a package name if you want to build a directory structure.

    Select Generate Javadocs to provide documentation describing the custom get and set methods included in the beans.

    You want to generate service beans Provide a package name if you want to build a directory structure.

    Names cannot contain any of the reserved words. Also, they cannot have spaces; they must begin with alpha (a-z, A-Z) characters, and may contain alpha characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), the underscore (_), and the dollar sign ($).

    You want to generate Web services Specify the Web services to generate and change their properties.
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