Specifying Compilation Options

Before you can successfully generate Web services objects or service beans for your tasks, you must set your compilation options, which specify the location of your development environment.

Unless the location of your development environment changes, these options need to be set only once. They will be used whenever you use the Task Builder to generate task interface objects.

To specify your compilation options
  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

  2. In the Options dialog box, choose the Compiling tab.

  3. For all types of Web services objects and service beans, specify the locations of your Java 2 SDK and your Apache ANT Java build tool.

  4. To retain the source files, select Keep Generated Source.

    By default, Task Builder generates source files to a temporary location, and then copies the files you'll need to publish to a more permanent location under Attachmate/EAI/recordings. When this option is selected, you will have two copies of the source files on your local computer, a compressed version under Attachmate/EAI/recordings, and an uncompressed version in the output directory you specify. If you modify these files directly, and then regenerate, your changes will be overwritten.

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