Getting Published NavMaps

You can download NavMaps and their associated files from the MCS server that you specified during setup, or by modifying the options in the Options, Publishing page, which is accessible from the Tools menu. Tasks and NavMaps can be created by one developer, published to MCS, and accessed by additional developers in different locations.

To get a published NavMap
  1. From the Task Builder File menu, click Download from MCS.

  2. In the Download from MCS dialog box under Available NavMaps from MCS, select the NavMaps you want to get, and then click Add.

    The NavMaps listed in this box have been copied or published to the MCS server that is currently specified on your computer. If you have published NavMaps to multiple MCS servers, you must set the MCS options in the Options, Publishing page and save your project before you download.

  3. When you have added all the NavMaps you want to download, click OK.

    NavMaps are downloaded along with their associated files. Task interface objects that have been published to MCS are not downloaded because Task Builder does not require them to run tasks.

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