Importing Tasks

The Import Task wizard steps you through the importation of tasks from one project into another. Tasks that have been created and exported by others can be used in new or different projects. You can import tasks from anywhere in the file system.

To import a task
  1. Open the Import Task wizard.

    To use the Import Task wizard
    Do this
    From Task Builder Open the File menu, and choose Import Tasks.
    As a stand-alone utility Run <install_dir>/Attachmate/EAI/common/importtask.exe.
  2. Step through the Import Task wizard panels.

    When you import a task, first, you choose a source project, then you select one or more tasks to import from that project. Screens that are required by an imported task will also be imported. If the task you are importing has the same name as a task in the current project, then you must decide whether the task should replace the existing one or be imported as a new task. If you choose the latter option, then you are asked to rename the task.

    Note The project you are importing into is called the destination project. When you are importing tasks using Task Builder the destination project is the project currently open in Task Builder. If you are running the Import Task wizard in stand-alone mode, then you will select a destination project as part of the importing process.
  3. Review the actions and changes made after importing.

    After you have completed the steps involved in importing a task, the wizard displays a summary panel. This panel lists all the changes and actions that will occur when you click Finish. The summary includes a list of suggested follow up items, such as testing the imported task and reviewing expressions and recognition rules. These recommendations help ensure that your imported task will run successfully.

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