Exporting Tasks

The Export Task wizard steps you through the exportation of tasks or global screen handlers from your current project into another. Tasks that you have created can be exported and used by others in new or different projects. You can export tasks from anywhere in the file system.

To export a task
  1. Open the Export Task wizard.

    To use the Export Task wizard
    Do this
    From Task Builder Open the File menu, and choose Export Tasks.
    As a stand-alone utility Run <install_dir>/Attachmate/EAI/common/exporttask.exe.
  2. Step through the Export Task wizard panels.
    Note When you are working in Task Builder, the open project is always the source project and the project you will export the task into is the destination project. If you are using the wizard independent of Task Builder, you can select the source project on the Select Source Project page of the wizard.
  3. Review the actions and changes made after exporting.

    After you have completed the steps involved in exporting a task, the wizard displays a summary panel. This panel lists all the changes and actions that will occur when you click Finish.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when you are exporting tasks:

    • You must specify a valid directory, one that not only exists, but is readable by the Task Import wizard.

    • Projects must be valid and readable by the Task Export wizard. If they are not, you may see an Error opening project alert.

    • You must first select a project to export from before you can continue.

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