Adding User Fields

You can create user fields by dragging a rectangular area of the host screen with your mouse. After you define the area and location of the user field, you can edit its properties to create protected and unprotected user fields, and define protected fields as relative fields.

If a user field does not cover a protected area of the screen, you can designate it as unprotected by editing the Usage Type field property. You can use unprotected user fields as task step inputs. However, if a user field spans any portion of a protected area of the screen, it becomes a protected field and cannot be used as a step input. A user field that is being used as a step input cannot be resized to include a protected area of the screen or field attribute.

A relative field is one whose size varies depending on the data contained in the field. User fields can be configured as a relative by setting the Is Relative field property to true. When Is Relative is set to true, you can define the Start and End Column expressions as well as the Start and End Row expressions to determine the location of the field.

To add a user field
  1. With a task selected, under Task Steps, select a step to display the associated host screen.

    To create a user field, you must view the host screen in Review Screen mode. If necessary, click the Review Screen tab before you begin.

  2. Drag a selection on the host screen by holding down your CTRL key and dragging with your mouse.

    The field you define is displayed in the list of Screen Fields. This list is available only when you click the host screen. If you click under Task or Step, the option is hidden until you click the host screen again.

  3. Edit the field properties to further define the field. You can change the name to something more meaningful.

    For information about user field properties, see Host and User Field Property Descriptions.

    The field is now available to be used as a task output or a step input or output.

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