Defining Task Inputs and Outputs

Task step inputs and outputs are created as part of the recording process. These are the inputs and outputs needed to move you through the recorded screens. They may be internal and are not necessarily inputs or outputs to the task. You use these task step inputs and outputs to create task inputs and outputs.

A task definition consists of the inputs required to complete a task, and the outputs returned by the task. Only the inputs and outputs defined as task inputs and outputs are exposed to the end user. This creates a secure way to provide access to only certain functions or data. Protected fields cannot be added as task inputs.

To define task inputs and outputs
  1. To define task inputs and outputs, in an open task in Review Screen mode, select each screen in the Task Steps pane, and drag the correct step inputs or outputs from the Task Step pane, or from host or user fields on the host terminal screen, and drop them on the Task tree in the appropriate location.

    When you drag a host field to a task, it is automatically added under the currently selected step.


    To add a step output, select New Step Output from the Syep menu, and then define the new output's properties.

  2. Save your project.

  3. Test your task to make sure that specified inputs produce the expected outputs.

Note You can edit many of the properties for tasks, task steps, and fields. To edit a property, select an item under either Task Inputs/Outputs or Task Steps, and then type or select a new value in the Properties pane.
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