Adding Branches to Tasks

If you change input values when testing a task, you can record an additional path, or branch, in your task.

To add a branch to a task
  1. Record and edit your task using the standard workflow.

  2. From either the Task Builder Guide or Task menu, choose Test Task. In the Test Task dialog box, edit the appropriate input value. This causes the Unrecorded Screen dialog box to be displayed. The Unrecorded Screen dialog box is displayed if your task encounters a screen that was not originally recorded, or that appears out of the original order.
    Note During testing, the appearance of the Unrecorded Screen dialog box does not always indicate that an input value has been changed. This dialog box can indicate a problem with your task. For more information, see Testing Tasks.
  3. Choose Continue to start recording the screens you need for your branch. When a duplicate task step is first detected, you are prompted to join the task at that point or to continue recording and join at a later time, prior to choosing Stop Recording.

    You can join your branch with the original task at any duplicate task step, except those that precede the last recorded task step on the branch.

  4. After recording the new screens, choose Stop Recording from the Task Builder Guide or the Task menu.

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