Restoring an Earlier Version of Your Project

Task Builder maintains the five most recently saved versions of each project in a backup directory under the project folder. Numbered folders are added to the backup directory as more versions of a project are saved. The first folder contains the most recently saved version of the project. This enables you to easily restore up to five separate versions of each project.

To restore a previous version of a project
When restoring a backup version of your project, copy all the files. Selecting only certain files may lead to a corrupt project.
  1. Close any projects you may have open in Task Builder.

  2. Open the directory where your project files are being saved. The default location is <install location>\Attachmate\EAI\Recordings.

  3. If a PPO folder exists in the project directory that you want to restore, delete it.

    A PPO directory is created when scripted task steps have been used within a project.

  4. Open the project backup directory.

    The backup directory contains the different backup projects. Folder 1 is the most recent version, whereas folder 5 is the oldest.

  5. Open the folder representing the backup version you want to restore and copy all its contents to the project directory.

    The backup directory contains various project files and, if the project contains scripted task steps, a PPO directory.

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