Starting and Stopping Session Pools

By default, pools are started when the Runtime Service started. You can use the Pool Scheduler to set up a schedule for starting and stopping pools, or require a pool to be started manually by clearing the Automatically Start Pool option on the General Configuration page. For more information about creating a pool schedule, see Creating Pool Schedules. For information about editing selections in the General Configuration page, see Modifying Settings for an Existing Pool.

To manually start or stop a pool
  1. In the MCS left pane, point to Products and then click Services Builder for Screens.

  2. Under Services Builder for Screens, expand the Servers tree, expand the run-time server where the pool is configured, then click Monitor.

  3. From the Configure page, click the Pools tab.

  4. Under Select Pool to Monitor, click the pool you'd like to start or stop.

  5. Click the Change State button.

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