Overview: Creating Session Pools

After you have added a run-time server in MCS, you need to configure a session pool to provide access for your tasks to the host application at runtime. The new pool wizard makes creating new session pools straightforward and easy.

By default, when a session pool is created, it uses a pool of user names and passwords for authentication. You can set up your pool to require users to provide a user name and password when a task is run.

You can also set up dedicated sessions to provide specific users with dedicated logical units (LUs) or terminal or station IDs at run-time.

You might want to create a pool schedule, an automatic timetable for starting and stopping session pools. It can be set up to handle weekends, holidays, evening hours, or any schedule that meets your business requirements.

In most cases, you need to stop a session pool before making configuration changes. If you've set up a pool schedule, you'll need to manually restart the pool before the scheduler resumes.

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