Updating NavMaps

NavMaps are created and published with your project in Task Builder.

When a session pool is created, it must be associated with a particular NavMap. When the task you define calls for a certain field, on a certain screen, on a certain host, the NavMap has the information necessary to access that field, and uses the pool associated with it to provide an available host session to the task.

If you need to modify and republish a project in Task Builder after you have associated a NavMap with a pool in MCS, you need to refresh the NavMap in MCS before your changes take effect.

To update a NavMap
  1. After modifying a NavMap, re-publish your project to MCS.

  2. Stop the session pool.

    For instructions on stopping session pools, see Starting and Stopping Session Pools.

  3. In the MCS left pane, point to Products and then click Services Builder for Screens.

  4. Under Services Builder for Screens, expand the Servers tree, expand a run-time server, then click Configure.

  5. From the Configure page in the MCS right pane, click the Pools tab.

  6. On the Pools page, click NavMap, and then click Configure.

  7. In the NavMap Configuration dialog box, click Refresh NavMap.

  8. Restart the session pool.

Caution Use caution when updating NavMaps. If the new NavMap is incompatible with the previous NavMap, existing pools may break. The configuration settings for the selected pool will be reset to match the updated NavMap's default settings. All other pools associated with the NavMap will continue to run as expected until the Runtime Service is stopped and restarted.
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