Reinitializing a Run-time Server

Several of the Runtime Service errors are the result of corrupted files. Reinitializing the Run-time Server will recreate these files.

Caution When you reinitialize the run-time server, your session pool information is lost. After you have reinitialized the run-time server, you will have to recreate the pools for this server in MCS.
To reinitialize Runtime Service for Screens
  1. Stop Runtime Service for Screens.

  2. In the install_directory/EAI/cfg directory, where install_directory is the directory to which you installed the Runtime Service for Screens, delete the file ConfigTree.db and all files with a .data extension.

  3. In the same directory, run BaseConfigure.exe, and then run hosttypeConfigure.exe. the actual filename depends on your host type.

    These utilities create new versions of the ConfigTree.db and .data files.

  4. Restart Runtime Service for Screens.

  5. In MCS, recreate the session pools that are associated with this server.

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