Updating MCS Server Information for Your Runtime Service

By default, the runtime engine communicates with MCS through the MCS service agent using port 8086. Both the service agent and the communication settings are automatically installed and configured on the runtime computer when you install the Runtime Service. However, you can, when needed, reconfigure the port and IP address of the management server using the deployer configuration tool.

Note If you have Task Builder installed, you can modify the MCS server settings through the designer interface. From the Tools menu, choose Options. On the Publishing page, enter the correct MCS configuration settings.
To update MCS server information
  1. Run either ...EAI\ScreenConnectors\deployerconfig.bat or, in a UNIX environment, ...EAI/ScreenConnectors/deployerconfig.sh on the runtime computer.

  2. Replace the bracketed values for the MCS server IP address (ScreenConnector.ip) and Web server port number (ScreenConnector.port) with the correct information.

  3. Open either ...EAI\common\mcs\agent.properties or in a UNIX environment, ...EAI/Common/mcs/agent.properties. Replace the address of the MCS server with the new location.

    For example, MCS.Agent.AssignedRPCRouterURL=http://my_mcs:8086/mcs/rpcrouter

  4. Restart the Runtime Service and the MCS service agent, which run as Windows services in a Windows environment. In UNIX, restart EAI/ScreenConnectors/screenruntime.sh and Common/mcs/mcsagent.sh

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