Creating a New Project

A project is a collection of all of the files required to create, modify, and publish a task or set of tasks, including the NavMap, task steps, and task interface objects. Each project includes a host connection, which is used at design-time to navigate and record screens in the host application that your task is based on.

Projects can be built collaboratively by importing or exporting selected tasks and combining them together to create a new project. For information about importing and exporting tasks, see Importing and Exporting Tasks, Overview.

To create a new project
  1. In the Task Builder, from the File menu, click New Project.

  2. In the Choose Host Type dialog box, select a host type and configure your host connection. For more information, see Connecting to a Host, Overview.

  3. From the File menu or Task Builder Guide, choose Save Project.

  4. In the Save Project As dialog box, under Location of Projects, specify a location for storing your project files, and under Project Name, type a name for your project.

    Task Builder maintains the five most recently saved versions of each project in a backup directory under the project folder.

    Note Project names cannot contain spaces; they can contain only the following characters: letters, numbers, the underscore (_), and the dollar sign ($). In addition, there are several words that you cannot use when naming your project because they are reserved for internal use. For a list of reserved words, see Reserved Words.
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