Task Step and Recognition Rule Failures

The Task Failure Information dialog box provides detailed information to help you diagnose step and recognition rule failures. To display this dialog box, click More Info on either the Navigation Error or Unrecorded Screen message box.

Global screen handlers consist of a screen definition and a transition action that should get the task back on track if the global screen is encountered while running a task. After dismissing a global screen, the Runtime Service expects to be on the next step in the task. If it is not, it checks the global screen handlers again before failing the task.

When a task fails because it arrives at an unrecognized screen, choose More Info on the Unrecorded Screen dialog box to troubleshoot your task data. The Task Failure Information dialog box provides:

Finally, if you or your system administrator have selected to record error events in the MCS for Screens manager, an error is generated and recorded in your MCS log file. You should be able to use the information in this file to either reverse incomplete changes on the host or complete the task manually.

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