T27 Control Mode Keystrokes

The following table lists the keystrokes that you can use while in control mode.

For these keystrokes, press and release the first key (Ctrl), and then press and release any subsequent keys. All letter keys are lowercase letters.

Keystroke Description
Ctrl Enter Moves the cursor to the first column on the screen without displaying the carriage return symbol (Carriage Return Symbol)
Ctrl m Rolls the page down
Ctrl t Enables lowercase characters
Ctrl y Disables lowercase characters
Ctrl b Exchanges the line where the cursor is located with the line below it
Ctrl v Exchanges the line where the cursor is located with the line above it
Ctrl Delete Deletes the character at the cursor location and shifts the remaining characters on the page to the left

In forms mode, this keystroke shifts only the remaining characters in the field to the left.

Ctrl w Puts the session in forms mode
Ctrl q Puts the session in nonforms mode
Ctrl Insert Puts the session in insert-in-page mode (nonforms mode only)
Ctrl h Enter Inserts a line feed at the cursor location
Ctrl h < Inserts a protected field delimiter
Ctrl h > Inserts an end field delimiter
Ctrl h . Starts reverse video
Ctrl h / Starts underlined video
Ctrl Space c Displays the ASCII character set
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