3270 Function Keys

The SendKeys method sends characters and function keys to the host session. Function keys, such as the ENTER key, are represented with codes called mnemonics. Use the table below to identify the mnemonic that represents a particular 3270 function key.

While there are different ways to send keys, for example the brace style ({Attn}) or the @ sign style (@A@Q); Task Builder only supports the brace style. @ sign style (HLLAPI) mnemonics are not supported in Task Builder and you must convert them to the brace style when using Task Builder. They are, however, used when using Attachmate's server-side API to write custom steps.

There are two ways you can send keys: using the brace style or the @ sign style. When you specify a mnemonic, enclose it in quotation marks. For example, in the following statement, the Screen object uses the SendKeys method to transmit a Attention function to the host. Screen.SendKeys "{Attn}"

3270 Function Key Brace Style Mnemonics
(used with Task Builder)
@ Sign Style Mnemonics
(used with custom steps)
Attention {Attn} @A@Q
Backspace {BackSpace} @<
Break {Break} @r@s
Clear {Clear} @C
Cursor Down {Down} @V
Cursor Left {Left} @L
Cursor Left 2 Columns {DblLeft} @A@L
Cursor Right {Right} @Z
Cursor Right 2 Columns {DblRight} @A@Z
Cursor Select {Curselect} @A@J
Cursor Up {Up} @U
Delete {Delete} @D
DevCncl {DevCncl} @A@R
Duplicate {Dup} @S@x
Enter {Enter} @E
Erase EOF {EraseEoF} @F
Erase Input {EraseInput} @A@F
Home {Home} @O
Insert {Insert} @I
Mark {Mark} @S@y
New Line {NewLine} @N
PA1 {PA1} @x
PA2 {PA2} @y
PA3 {PA3} @z
PF1 {PF1} @1
PF2 {PF2} @2
PF3 {PF3} @3
PF4 {PF4} @4
PF5 {PF5} @5
PF6 {PF6} @6
PF7 {PF7} @7
PF8 {PF8} @8
PF9 {PF9} @9
PF10 {PF10} @a
PF11 {PF11} @b
PF12 {PF12} @c
PF13 {PF13} @d
PF14 {PF14} @e
PF15 {PF15} @f
PF16 {PF16} @g
PF17 {PF17} @h
PF18 {PF18} @I
PF19 {PF19} @j
PF20 {PF20} @k
PF21 {PF21} @l
PF22 {PF22} @m
PF23 {PF23} @n
PF24 {PF24} @o
Print {Print} @P
Reset {Reset} @R
Shift Up {ShiftUp} @S@U
Shift Down {ShiftDown} @S@V
System Request {SysReq} @A@H
Tab Back {TabBack} @B
Tab Forward (Tab) {TabFwd} @T
Test {Test} @A@C
The following keys modify character attributes when the session is in Character Reply mode.
Color Red {ColorRed}
Color Pink {ColorPink}
Color Green {ColorGreen}
Color Yellow {ColorYellow}
Color Blue {ColorBlue}
Color Turquoise {ColorTurquoise}
Color White {ColorWhite}
Color Default {ColorDefault}
Hilite Reverse {HiliteReverse}
Hilite Blinking {HiliteBlinking}
Hilite Underline {HiliteUnderline}
Hilite Default {HiliteDefault}
Trans User {TransUser}
Trans Default {TransDefault}
PS Default {PSDefault}
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