Creating or Editing a UTS Connection

You can create, modify, or delete a UTS connection when you create or modify a UTS configuration. Task Builder includes two predefined connections: one for DCP (Distributed Communications Processor) connections; and one for HLC (Host LAN Controller) connections. Before you can use either of these, you must specify the host IP address or domain name.

The changes you make to a connection take effect the next time the connection is initialized (for example, accessing an environment that uses a different connection and then returning to the environment that uses the modified connection).

In addition, if you delete a connection that is in use by an environment, you cannot save the configuration until you select a different connection for that environment on the Environment page.

To create a UTS connection
  1. Create or modify a UTS configuration.

  2. From the UTS Connection Settings - Connection page, click New.

  3. From the New Connection dialog box, type a name for the connection (up to 12 characters), and then click OK.

  4. From the UTS Connection Settings - Connection page under Connections, select the name of the new connection, and then specify a host address and connection type.

    For a description of options on this page, with the page displayed, click the Help button in the dialog box.

  5. Click Save.

To edit an existing connection
  1. Select the connection name in the Connections list and make changes as desired.

  2. Click Save.

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