Overview: Connecting to a Host

To record and build tasks, you must first establish a host connection. You do not have to connect to the actual host used by your end application, but the host application you connect to must be identical to the one used by your end application.

Each project stores its own connection options. The options vary depending on the type of host the project is using. For example, if you choose 3270 as your host type, you will see only the connection settings for a 3270 host.

Supported Host Types

Synapta Services Builder for Screens support the following host types:

This Services Builder Provides access to this type of host
Synapta Services Builder for 3270/5250 IBM mainframe, IBM AS/400
Synapta Services Builder for UTS/T27 Unisys ClearPath IX or 2200 Series
Unisys ClearPath NX, ClearPath LX, or A Series
Synapta Services Builder for VT Virtual Terminal (VT) interfaces with applications running on UNIX servers and Virtual Memory System (VMS) hosts.
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