COM Interface ASP Sample

This sample executes a task and displays the results. The following sample contains a single task called Task, and a single input and output called respectively, Input and Output. The task is defined in a sample task file generated in Task Builder for Screens.

See the sample task file.

Sample Code:

Response.Buffer = true
On Error Resume Next
Dim connector

’Instantiate and initialize the connector
Set connector = CreateObject("Atm.ScreenConnector.1")

’Open a task file and execute a task "C:\\Program Files\\Attachmate\\EAI\\recordings\\Test\\connector\\Test.xml"
connector.execute "Task","<ScreenInputs><Input>data</Input></ScreenInputs>"

’Display the results (<ScreenOutputs><Output>result</Output></ScreenOutputs>)		
Response.write connector.getData()

’Close the connector and clean up

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