Deploying Web Services Using .NET

These instructions assume that you have .NET Visual Studio installed on the computer where Attachmate Designer Studio (Task Builder) is installed and the .NET Framework and IIS are installed on the server where you intend to deploy the Web service.

To deploy a .NET Web service
  1. Run the installer:
    At this location
    Do this
    On the Designer Studio computer Open Attachmate/EAI/Recordings/project_name/webservice/NETTarget, and run setup.exe
    On a different server than where Designer Studio is installed Copy the contents of the NETTarget folder (Attachmate/EAI/Recordings/project_name/webservice/NETTarget) to the target server and run setup.exe.
  2. Test your Web services deployment by typing the following into the address field of your browser:


  3. You can access the .NET Web service by adding a web reference to your Visual Studio project.
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