Building Applications Using Apache Axis

Apache Axis is a free SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) implementation and provides a base on which to implement Java Web services.

Note To use Apache Axis Web services, you must generate them with the Keep Generated Source check box selected. Find this check box under Web Services Compilation Directory on the Compiling page of the Options dialog box, which is available from the Tools menu in Task Builder.

Building a Web service using Apache Axis involves two steps: installation and generation.

To install and set up Apache Axis
  1. Install Apache Tomcat 4 from the Apache Jakarta Project Web site to the design-time computer and on the server where you intend to deploy the Web service.

  2. Install Apache Axis 1.0 from the Apache Web Services Web site by extracting to a location on your design-time computer.

  3. Copy the xml-axis\webapps\axis directory to <TomcatDir>\webapps.

  4. Copy the Tomcat4\webapps\axis\WEB-INF\lib\jaxrpc.jar file to <TomcatDir>\common\lib.

  5. Copy the following JAR files to <TomcatDir>\webapps\Axis\WEB-INF\lib on the design-time computer:
    • install_directory\EAI\ScreenConnectors\ws\lib\servicert.jar
    • install_directory\EAI\ScreenConnectors\lib\ScreenTaskClient.jar
    • install_directory\EAI\ScreenConnectors\lib\MetaData.jar
    • install_directory\EAI\Common\mcs\mcsagent.jar
    • install_directory\EAI\ScreenConnectors\lib\soap.jar
    • install_directory\EAI\ScreenConnectors\lib\endorsed\xerces.jar

  6. Download ANT from the Apache Jakarta Project Web site and extract it. The location where you install ANT is used during the configuration process in Task Builder.

When you generate Web services for Apache Axis, a bean is generated, which is essentially identical to a service bean, but includes a Web Service Deployment Descriptor (WSDD) for deployment to the Apache Axis server. A WSDD is an XML document for configuring Apache Axis Web services.

To generate Apache Axis Web services
  1. Confirm that Tomcat is running on the default port, 8080.

  2. In Task Builder, from the Tools menu, select Options, and then from the Generating page, select Apache Axis, and click Properties.
    Set this property
    To this
    UniqueNameXSLT install_directory\EAI\ScreenConnectors\ws\templates\internal\unique-naming.xslt
    Axis.Home <TomcatDir>\webapps\axis
    Axis.Port To the port where Tomcat is configured to run. 8080 is the default port.

  3. Verify that in Task Builder your Java compilation environment has been set. You must specify the location of your Sun Java 2 SDK (JDK) and Apache ANT build tool. These options are set on the Compiling page under the Tools menu, Options.

The next step

After you have successfully built a Web service using Apache Axis, you can deploy the Web service to either the same machine where you generated the Web service or to a different machine. See Deploying Apache Axis Web Services for instructions.

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