Overview: Using Tasks in Your Applications

The task interface objects generated by Task Builders can be used in a variety of development environments to add host access tasks to your applications. Depending on the type of task interface object generated, you can call your tasks from applications that use Java interfaces, Web services, or Attachmate's J2EE architecture. For information about the available interfaces, see Choosing an Attachmate API.

Note There are code samples for each Attachmate API, including J2EE Session EJB and Connector samples. Expand the Sample Code entry in the Table of Contents and choose the appropriate sample.

Configuring Your Development Environment

If you plan to develop your applications on the computer on which your Task Builder is installed, no configuration is necessary.

If you plan to develop your applications on a computer other than the computer on which your Task Builder is installed, there are client installers provided that supply the files necessary to build successful applications.

For instructions on accessing the client installers and other configuration information, see Configuring Your Development Environment.

Using Web Services

If you generated Web services objects, installers specific to your development environment were also generated. Copy the appropriate installer or installers (an installer will be generated for each task you build and generate) and run it (or them) in your development environment.

Use your selected development environment to write applications that use the Web services you generated in Task Builder. Your development environment will create a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file, and help you make your Web service available to other applications.

See Using Web Services for more information.

Using the J2EE Architecture

The Synapta Services Builder provide two JCA-compliant resource adapters; the JCA adapter for Weblogic, which uses BEA WLI extensions, and J2EE Session EJBs, which implements the JCA Common Client Interface (CCI). The JCA adapter for WebLogic uses Web services generated in the design component, Task Builder, while J2EE session EJBs are created, managed, and deployed to selected application servers through your Synapta Services Builder management component, MCS.

See Overview: Configuring J2EE Session EJBs for more information on deploying tasks as J2EE-compliant session EJBs.

Configuring Your Run-time Environment

Your tasks will access the Runtime Service for Screens to get data from the host. Regardless of the type of application you are integrating host access into, it must have access to the Runtime Service.

In most cases you will use MCS for Screens to configure remote or client machines, modify default configuration settings, and set up failover and load balancing.

For information on configuring your runtime environment, see Configuring Your Run-time Environment, Overview.

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