Working with C0 Control Characters

Null characters and the other C0 control characters (Unicode characters under 20 hex) are forbidden in XML. When these characters are passed through the Synapta Services Builder in task output strings, XML parsers will likely have errors. To resolve this, the Synapta Services Builder's default behavior is to map all C0 control characters to spaces.

If these characters represent data that you must not lose, there are two alternative settings available from the C0ControlMapping property. By default, this property is set to "ControlSpaces". To change this property, set C0ControlMapping to a different value in your code before you execute your task. See the table below for the available options.

C0ControlMapping Properties Description
ControlSpaces The default setting, this maps all C0 control characters to spaces.
ControlPictures This is a range of Unicode characters starting at 2400 hex that is a one-to-one mapping of C0 controls. This might be useful in XML implementations since the mapping is reversible.
Identity This setting leaves all the control characters alone. If you are using Java beans for tasks and Java for your application and your data will never get parsed by an XML parser, this setting will allow you access to the raw C0 control characters.
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