Overview: Configuring JCA Adapter for WebLogic

Synapta Services Builder use standard JCA resource adapters to provide controlled access to legacy information via tasks. These tasks are represented within the WebLogic Server (WLS) as XML-based services that can be consumed by any application via the WLS, or exposed externally as a Web service.

The Attachmate JCA adapter for WebLogic is a resource adapter that supports BEA WebLogic Integration (WLI) extensions and uses the BEA Application View interface for integration with custom applications. When a task is created, administration pages are used to inform the WLS that a new service has been made available for use.

Before Configuring

Before configuring the JCA adapter for WebLogic, you must log in to the Application View Console on the WebLogic Application Server. Once you have successfully logged in, the Application View Console page displays, listing the folders with application views.

Note An application view is a client that allows the end user to view the applications that are available on their local computer. These applications, which are built to the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) standard from Sun, use the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) to look up a deployed application view, which then executes one or more pre-defined services (tasks) defined in a task file.

Managing Application Views

From the Application View Console page, you can add, edit, or view existing application views.

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