Adding and Configuring an Application View

An application view is a client that allows the end user to view the applications that are available on the server. These applications, which are built to the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) standard from Sun, use the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) to look up a deployed application view, which then executes one or more pre-defined services (tasks) that are defined in Synapta Services Builder task files.

To add an application view, you must log in to the Application View Console on the WebLogic application server. Once you have successfully logged in, the Application View Console page appears. This page lists any existing application views.

Note The name of the application view and the service name must match the appViewName and the serviceName in the project_nameMappings.xml file.

For more information, see Using the AppProperties and XML Mappings Files.

To add an application view
  1. From the Application View Console, select a folder, then choose Add Application View.

    The Define New Application View page is displayed.

  2. Type the name and description for the application view. From the list of deployed adapters, select the Attachmate Adapter for 3270 & 5250 for WebLogic, then choose OK.

    The Configure Connection page is displayed.

  3. From the Configure Connection page, choose Continue to configure the application view.

    The Application View Administration page is displayed.

  4. Choose Add Service.

    The Add Service page is displayed.

    Note At least one service must be added to the application view before it can be deployed. You should add one service for every task you want to execute. If you do not wish to add services to the application view at this time, choose Cancel, then save the application view and choose the Application View console link at the top of the page.

    See Deploying an Application View for details.

  5. On the Add Service page, type the following information:
    In this field
    Name A unique service name within the application view. This is typically set to the name of the task you wish to execute.
    Task ID The identifier of the task to be executed.
    Task File The absolute path or URL of the task file that contains the task to be executed.
    Timeout The task timeout value in milliseconds. If you do not enter anything here, the task will never timeout. A value of -1 is recommended.
    Description An optional description of the task and its function.

  6. Choose Add the Service to save the service and return to the Application View Administration page.

  7. Choose Save Application View to save the changes to this application view.

  8. To add more services, choose Add Service and refer to step 5 above. To add more application views, choose the Application View Console link at the top of the page. To deploy this application view, choose Continue.

    See Deploying an Application View for details.

Viewing an Application View

Choose the selected application view from the Application View Console, the Application View Summary page displays.

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