JCA Adapter for WebLogic Requirements

Most users install the various components of the Synapta Services Builder on separate computers. Specific requirements will vary based on which components are installed and other hardware and software components present.

Attachmate cannot confirm the accuracy of performance, or any other claims related to non-Attachmate products. For questions or concerns regarding the capabilities of non-Attachmate products, please contact the suppliers of those products.

Note For information about installing the JCA adapter, see one of the related topics about building Web services with BEA WebLogic. Before installing the JCA adapter, ensure that the WebLogic Integration Server starts using the EAI Domain.
System Component Preferred Alternatives
Windows 2000 Server or
Advanced Server with SP2
Solaris 8
Solaris 7
Solaris 9
Processor Pentium II 300 MHz  
RAM 128 MB  
Application Server
  • WebLogic v. 7.0
  • the WebLogic license
  • WebLogic Integration v. 7.0
  • WebLogic v. 6.1
  • the WebLogic license
  • WebLogic Integration v. 2.1
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