Monitoring Synapta Services Builder for Screens Sessions

The monitoring function of Synapta Services Builder for Screens runs in MCS and keeps track of active sessions, the number of tasks per minute, and more.

To monitor Synapta Services Builder for Screens sessions
  1. In the MCS left pane, point to Products and then click Services Builder for Screens.

  2. From the Services Builder for Screens tree in the MCS left pane, expand the Servers tree, expand a run-time server, then choose Monitor.

  3. Click the tab with the information you want to view:
    Click this tab
    To view
    System General system monitoring information — numbers of active sessions, numbers of errors, total transactions (tasks), transactions in the last minute, and the average number of transactions.
    Metering All transaction counts, including the total number of transactions, as well as other detailed transaction numbers. A transaction is a single screen transition. Whenever an AID key is sent, a transition occurs. Each screen transition is counted as a transaction. A task can include one or more transactions.
    Pools A list of configured pools, with pertinent session information for each pool. By selecting a pool to monitor, you can view the sessions associated with that pool and also see detailed information on each session.

    When you select a particular session in a pool to monitor, the Session Monitor for that session is displayed. The Session Monitor contains session information and a view of the host screen.

    Sessions A list of all sessions and their status. Choosing a session from the list also displays the Session Monitor.
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