Setting Options for Automatically Reclaiming IDs

You can set options for automatically reclaiming host access IDs that are no longer in use but which have not been released. IDs that are no longer in use are put into quarantine. After the quarantine period has elapsed, the IDs are made available to be allocated.

To set global options for automatically reclaiming IDs
  1. In the MCS left pane under Services, click ID Management.

  2. Under ID Management, click Management Settings.

  3. In the General page, select Automatic Reclaim On.

    If this option is not selected, IDs must be reclaimed manually.

  4. Specify a Communication Timeout period.

    MCS checks periodically for a response from the client. If the client does not respond for the specified period of time, its ID is put into quarantine.

    Most options on this page are global to all your ID pools. If you have pools with leased IDs, the Communication Timeout period has no effect. Leased IDs are put into quarantine only if a session is closed because of a system failure of some kind, and only if the session is not reconnected within the lease timeout period.

  5. Specify a Quarantine Timeout period.

    When this timeout period has elapsed for a quarantined ID, and Automatic Reclaim On is selected, the ID is automatically reclaimed by MCS.

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