Configuring Client-Requested Event Logging for Synapta Services Builder for Screens

You can troubleshoot a particular task execution without affecting your entire runtime logging configuration by overriding the configuration for a specific task execution. When a task execution has been configured for client-requested logging, then all events (errors, warnings, and information) will be logged for that task execution regardless of the configuration set for the system runtime events.

The procedure below assumes that you have created a task in Task Builder, then published your project to MCS. You must also have added a run-time server to MCS, and started the server.

To configure client-requested logging using XML (IConnectorAccess)
  1. In the MCS left pane, point to Products and then click Services Builder for Screens.

  2. From the Services Builder for Screens tree in the MCS left pane, expand the Servers tree, expand your run-time server, then choose Configure.

  3. From the Configure Systems page, under Select Item to Configure, double-click Log.

  4. Under Client-requested Event Logging, select the Enable Logging for All Event Types check box.

  5. In your client application, prepend $DEBUG$ to the Job Name for the task execution.
    If your client application accesses your task through
    Follow this code sample
    The IConnectorAccess interface
    IConnectorAccess ica = new ScreenConnectorAccessImpl();"D:\\Attachmate\\EAI\\recordings\\myconnector\\connector\\
    myconnector.xml"); ica.execute("a", "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>
    <ScreenInputs><JobName>=$DEBUG$myDefaultJob</JobName></ScreenInputs>"); ica.close();
    The ITask interface
    t1 bean = new t1();
  6. To view the log, after running the task, open event logging in MCS. Sort the events in the 'User' column. Your task events will be listed with the job name '$DEBUG$myDefaultJob'.

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