Uninstalling MCS and Management Components in UNIX

The following procedure explains how to uninstall in a UNIX environment. For information on backing up data files so that you can restore them when you install a new version, see README.migration, located in the Attachmate/EAI/documentatation/readme/unix directory.

  1. Stop the application server, the run-time server, and the MCS agent.

  2. To stop the Attachmate HTTP engine, run shutdown.sh, located in the /opt/Attachmate/HTTPengine/bin directory.

  3. If the Screen Runtime is running through the startRuntime.sh script in a console, stop the process by either using CTRL+C at the console or, if the script is running as a background process, find the process ID and kill it. For example, type:

    kill `ps -afe |grep startRuntime | awk '{print $2}'`

  4. To stop the MCS agent, type the following:

    kill `cat /opt/Attachmate/EAI/Common/mcs/mcsserviceagent.pid`

  5. Remove or rename the /opt/Attachmate directory.

  6. (Optional) Install your new version:

    1. Install the new version of all components. For information, see Installing in UNIX.

    2. Stop the application server, the run-time server, and the MCS agent.

    3. Restore the backed up data, and then restart the application server, the MCS agent, and the run-time server (in that order).

    4. Run the MCS console and refresh the server list by deleting any servers that appear on the Servers page, and then adding them back.

      All previous runtime pools should be present and no data should be lost.

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