Installing Unattended in UNIX

You can perform unattended or silent installs of Synapta management components on UNIX by configuring install input files for MCS, the run-time service, and the screens management component.

Install MCS before you install the screens management component (MCS Plug In).

To perform an unattended install
  1. Follow steps 1 through 3 of the Installing in Unix procedure.

  2. Depending on your host type and the component you are installing, edit the appropriate input file, found in the base setup directory, with the correct parameters, including host name, IP address, and the setup directory location.

    See Installation Prompts for Management Components (UNIX) for descriptions of possible required parameters.

    Note Before you run the install, comment out any lines not required by the input file by placing "# " at the start of each unneeded line.
    For this component
    Edit this file
    MCS mcsinputfile
    Runtime Service for Screens sbinputfile
    MCS Plug In sbplugin_inputfile

  3. After configuring the input file, run ./ -n inputfile .

    This starts the install process. During the process you are informed of the status of the installation.

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