Installing the MCS Service Agent

When you use the installation program to install Attachmate components that use the MCS service agent, the service agent is also automatically installed. If you want to deploy a replicated Runtime Service to a computer on which the service agent is not already installed, you need to manually install the agent before you begin the runtime deployment.

You should install the MCS service agent as a privileged user. That way, if multiple runtimes owned by different users are using the agent, none of the individual runtime owners can stop the agent.

You must have already installed a supported JDK.

To install the MCS service agent when deploying a replicated Runtime Service
  1. On the computer with the original Runtime Service installation, locate the file install directory/Attachmate/EAI/ScreenConnectors/replication/mcsagentinst.tar, and copy it to a temporary location on the computer where you want to install the agent.

  2. Expand the file, and then to begin the installation, run ./

  3. When prompted, specify the location where you want to install the agent.

  4. Specify the location of your supported Java 2 SDK.

  5. Specify the host name or IP address and port for the MCS server, and assign file ownership.

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